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We are excited about our new collaboration with

Leni Cohen, Regional VP Long Term Care Consultant

Leni Cohen is a specialist in the field of long-term care and a Subject Matter Expert for all long-term care products in the marketplace.  As a State Certified trainer for long-term care issues, she recognizes an individual’s wants and needs and offers professional advice concerning this vitally important topic.

She has spent 20 plus years in the marketplace educating consumers what they need to know when families are confronted with an illness that takes loved ones away from their daily lives. Few people understand the ins and outs of the Long-Term Care Industry as well.

She can simplify the way you look at long-term care and help to find the right fit based on health and affordability.

Taking a short time to weigh the value of putting long-term care in place can help to secure the retirement income that you have worked so hard for and alleviate much of the emotional, financial and physical responsibility for family and friends.

Call today to set up a free Long Term Care evaluation- 267-733-7277


No well-Planned retirement should be without long term care insurance.  It is the very cornerstone of retirement security.

-Suze Orman

Why You Should Consider Buying Now

  • Sometimes we procrastinate. Long-Term Care is not something any of us wants to think about. You may have other financial responsibilities right now – college tuition, retirement savings, etc.
  • However, have you given any thought to how will you pay for it?

Nursing Home Assisted Living Home Health Care

$9,500/month $5,000/month $5,000/month

(private room) (one bedroom unit) (for a home health aide)

Source: Mutual of Omaha Cost of Care

Long-term care insurance gives you choices and can be an affordable way to offset the cost of these services. Purchasing long-term care insurance at a younger age provides these advantages: Insurability, Affordability, and Peace of Mind

  • Insurability: You are in your best health at a younger age and that may make it easier to qualify for coverage
  • Affordability: Your policy will not be any cheaper than it is today. Premium rates are tied to age – each year you do not purchase, your rate goes up.
  • Peace of Mind: Your health could change at any age. Having a policy in place will give you peace of mind should you have a prolonged chronic illness or untimely accident.

Long-term care insurance allows you to maintain your independence, afford quality care, and reduce the financial and emotional stress that a long-term care crisis causes to your family. Whether you buy insurance or not, it’s important to have a plan in place.

To speak to one of our LTCi Specialists, please contact our office at 267-733-7277

Personal Story from a Client

"Life was great until I got the call that Mom was ill. That was the beginning of a 2-year battle with illness. Two years in my family was financially , physically, and emotionally spent. At her death we mourned but beneath the surface was a feeling that we were helpless and hopeless without getting the outside care we needed. The cost though became prohibitive"

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