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Your Guide to Changes in Medicare, Social Security, and Health.

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January 2024


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January 2023

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August, 2022

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June 2022

How to Help Seniors in Your Community Who Live Alone

April 2022

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Aging is a normal experience in life. And while you age, it's like being a child with a conscience. You need help with almost everything, movement, cooking, self-care, and even company. Luckily, many seniors get help from friends and primarily relatives. If you are lucky, they invite you to move in.

Unfortunately, this isn't the reality for every senior. Some might be fortunate to get a nurse or an assistant, but others aren't so fortunate. Due to unavoidable circumstances like death, financial situation, and working locations of loved ones.

Luckily, we have people like you willing to help older adults when no one else is around. C&C Financial Insurance lists a few tips and tricks that will help you through the whole experience.

Encourage socialization

Heart Matters magazine points out that socializing is the main way of combating loneliness. Encourage them to make friends and create conversation. Social life in a senior can be achieved through:

●Engaging in activities around the community

●Taking them on little trips for exploration

●Invest in medical tools that will improve socialization, like getting a hearing aid

●Work on their mobility through exercise and taking walks

●Encourage them to get a roommate

●Help the nurture existing relationships

●Encourage them to take up a hobby that will help them socialize

Be keen on any signs of depression

Research shows that 11 million adults aged 65 and over live alone. And due to the loneliness that comes with being alone and isolated, one is prone to mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

It's crucial that you are always looking for signs of depression and ways to deal with it.

●Help them find mental health care services covered by Medicare.

●Do not mistake it with sadness - physical pain such as severe headaches, or arthritis is a common source of depression among elders.

●Health issues can cause depression.

●Insomnia can be a sign that they are depressed.

●Depression in older adults is often ignored, so it might be misdiagnosed.

●Focus on physical symptoms.

●Learn about the differences between depression and dementia.

●Be on the lookout for any changes, such as changes in their day-to-day activities.

●Be supportive

●Make the depression experience more manageable and easy for them.

●Help them manage stress with stress management techniques like mindful breathing and improving their diet.

●Talk to them about their experience and feelings.

Day-to-day ways you can show you care

As seniors grow older, simple things become so much harder for them. Helping with these activities will significantly impact both your lives. Here are some ideas that will help:

●Help them clean their space; you can do this by yourself, or let them do simple activities to get their physical fitness in check.

●Provide financial help; this can be done by recommending a financial advisor to help them make financial decisions. Put them in touch with the pros at C&C Financial Insurance so you can be sure the senior’s Medicare is working for them in every way possible.

●Also, simple tasks like calculation of financial details. For instance, they want to sell their home. You can help them by calculating an estimate on how much they'll get from the house before hiring an agent

●Provide emotional support; this applies to seniors who lost a spouse or family. Also, this is also applicable to those experiencing loneliness and isolation.

●Be gentle with any contact initiated.

●Take them out once in a while.

●Consider getting them a pet.

●Be mindful of how the experience affects you.

●Offer them a sense of security.

●Consult a professional whenever necessary.


Take care of yourself to provide the best care for a senior in need. Ensure that the experience of taking care of a senior is beneficial to both of you.

Don't let medical bills rob you of your retirement goals. Contact C&C Financial Insurance today for your free Personalized Medicare Evaluation at (267) 733-7277!

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